Friday, October 28, 2011

Samples for Sale

I have made some of my little friends up and put them for sale in my etsy store.  If you know  of anyone that is looking for a great gift let them know about it!  I'm not sure how often I will be doing this, so take advatage while you can!  If you would like to see what I have for sale click on my button that says "etsy shop."

Thanks for looking!

Saving Precious Time

As most of you know I was a vender at the International Quilt Market last May.  It was held in Salt Lake City which made it very convenient for me.  I had so much fun and met alot of awesome people.  I can't believe how much talent there is in this world.  I know this is about 6 months late, but here are some pictures of my booth.

I was lucky to have my Dad and husband close by because they built actual walls, laid down floring, but up baseboards, molding and hung pictures.  It was so fun to see it all come together.  I will definately be doing the Kansas City Quilt Market next May, but because that is so far away from where I live my booth won't be quite so great!

I met an awesome store owner from Monument, Colorado named Angie.  The store is called Crafty Laine.  I have never been to her store but it sounds and looks awesome.  She carries all of the best fabrics, patterns and quilting needs.  It is a little boutique where you can go get what you need and also learn how to sew.  Here is the blog to her awesome store:

Now for my title...Saving Precious Time...
Whenever I sew my little friends together I always take the time to change the thread in my machine to match the fabric that I'm sewing.  You can see the stitches because you aren't tucking in the seams.  I thought it was important that the thread match.
Well, Angie bought some patterns from me and told me that she would make her own store samples.  She explained that she would only use one neutral color of thread to save time and for some contrast in the finished project.  I didn't know what to think or how it would look.  A couple of weeks ago I gave it a shot.  Let me tell you - I can't believe the time I have wasted by changing the thread for every fabric change.  Hours upon hours!  I love the neutral color and the way my finished projects look with the contrast.  If you have bought one of my patterns in the past, try choosing a neutral color of thread to sew the project together.  I have been going for alot of cream - it seems to work well with most fabrics.  I have still been using black for the pupils and cream or white for the white of eyes.  I am changing all of my pattern instructions to include this suggestion.

Try it.  You will thank me as I think Angie for the time saved!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Introducing Lee Lee the Lion

So, as you can tell I am not the best blogger.  I need to get better about it, but being new to blogging I have a little anxiety about it.  I promise I will get better.

I am so pleased to introduce you to Lee Lee the Lion.  I love this fun little friend - he (or she) bring a smile to  my face because when I look at him he just seems so happy.  Does that sound weird?  Probably. This fun guy is darling as a boy or a girl and can be made in any fun fabric.  You will be seeing the pattern pop up on various online stores (Fat Quarter Shop has it now) as well as in local quilt shops around the country. 

Here is a picture of my nephew holding Lee Lee:

This is made from Lila Tueller's fun new fabric line Lola's Posies.  She is a designer that works with Riley Blake Designs.

Lee Lee is named after my youngest sister Liesl.  I have always called her Lee Lee and was so excited to name my newest pattern after her.  Anyone that knows Liest knows what an easy person she is to get along with and be around.  I love her to death and think that she is one of the best people I know.  Even though I am 11 years older than her we are such close friends and know that she always has my back.  About 10 years ago we I moved back home after being gone for many years.  Liesl and I were the only kids living back at my parents house.  We did everything together and were closer than ever.  Sometimes I wish I could go back in time and relive some of the great memories I have.  Love ya Lee Lee!

Here is the picture that I used for the cover:

Finished size: 20" X 4" X 12"
Total fabric needed: 1 yard
Fabric in this picture is "Alphabet Soup" by Riley Blake Designs.

I will post more pictures of Lee Lee later.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Riley Blake Contest

I love Riley Blake fabric.  They have awesome designers that come up with the best fabric - colors, designs, etc.  I especially love their fabrics because I think that they go so well with my sewing pattern designs.  If you have been to your local fabric store lately I can guarentee that some of your favorite fabrics were from Riley Blake Designs.  Right now they have an awesome contest going on.  It is called "Cruisin' with Riley Blake."  Here is the link to the contest:

Cruise on over and read about the details of their contest and the awesome prized that they are giving away!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Quilt Market in Salt Lake City

Ever since I started getting into the quilting industry I have heard of the Quilt Market.  When people talk about it they get so excited like it is the funnest thing on earth for people that love fabric, sewing and quilting.  The Quilt Market happens twice a year - once in the Fall and once in the Sping.  In the Spring, it travels to different cities each year and the Fall market is always in Houston.  This May it is coming to Salt Lake City.  I'm so happy because this makes it so much easier me to be a vendor since I live here.  This will be my first year and I am so excited because I think that it will be great exposure for my business.  It is not open to the public.  Quilt store owners from over the world travel to see all the new fabric and pattern designs.  Keep your fingers crossed for me and hope they like my designs!

Right now I am frantically getting ready for my booth.  I still have 9 weeks, but time keeps flying by.  It seems like just yesterday I had 20 weeks left.  I have to design my booth and think of a good way to display the samples I am making to show people.  I am sewing like a maniac and writing 2 new patterns.  It is all very nerve wracking but I am loving every minute of it.

There is a great contest and booth hop that will be going on at the Quilt Market this year.  It is called "All Dolled Up in Salt Lake City."  Many of the designers in Utah have designed a quilt block from a "paper doll" template.  We all received the template of the doll and designed her clothes. The fabric was donated by Riley Blake Designs.  They have the CUTEST fabric.  I love it because almost all of their lines are perfect for my patterns.  Their fabric is bright and fun - just what kids love.  All of the quilt blocks have been made into two quilts that will be given away to two lucky winners at the market. There will be a booth hop where people will go to each designers booth and get a stamp to be entered into a drawing for the quilts.  Also, each designer will be giving something away whether it be a pattern, fabric or sample of one of their patterns.  All of the block instructions will be posted on the blog dedicated to this event.  It is going to be so fun and a great way to meet many new friends.  To learn more about the event and to get the quilt pattern here is the blog link:

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My little Olive

That is what I call him.  My first born.  Actually, my only born.  I love him so much and he lights up my life more than I ever thought anything could.  I named my first original pattern after him - "Olive the Owl."  It doesn't bother him one bit that my owls are made out of "girly" fabric. 

I think the best part of designing new patterns and sewing up the prototypes is how excited he gets when he sees them.  He wants one of everything.  I love it and he keeps me going.  He also loves fabric and can't wait to start sewing lessons.  Don't get me wrong - he is pure boy but is very creative and artistic.  When we go to the fabric store he always wants a fat quarter to add to his fabric colletion.  He is my partner in all things creative and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Here are a few more pictures of my little man:

Monday, January 17, 2011

So...Who's Freddie?

I am one of those people with a million nicknames.  Ing, Ingie, Inga, Schwing, Ming the Merciless, Slingblade, and the list goes on (some are too embarressing to say - just ask my sister, Liesl).  It seems like everyone I know has a different name to call me other than Ingrid.  I am also one of those people that love to shorten people's names or put a y at the end.  I just think that the way you call someone says how familiar you are with them and shows a sort of comradaree with them - does that make sense?

Well, one of my nicknames that my Dad uses is Fred - actually any form of Fred - Freddie, Fredlets, Ingafred, etc.  I decided that it was a good name to use for my pattern company.  I have always loved stuffed animals and friends.  I decided to name each of my designs after someone that is close to me.  I will do blog posts on each one of my little friends so that you can know who they are named after. 

I am working on a new fun pattern.  I am so excited because it is so cute and I just love this new little friend.  I hope you will love it too! 

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Tips & tricks on stuffing your softie "friends"...

Many people have told me that stuffing is intimidating and people seem hesitant to attempt it.  I felt the same way and so I wanted to share some tips and my one favorite stuffing tool with you.  Hopefully this will give you more confidence.  Please let me know if you have any questions - I would love to help.  I'm not a professional but I have done my share of stuffing lately!

1.  Of course the more times you stuff the better and faster you get - "practice makes perfect."

2.  Make sure when stuffing you get every nook and cranny full of the stuffing.  You don't want your body to be nice and stuffed and your shoulders to be limp.

3.  Make sure the opening you are stuffing through is big enough for you to fit the stuffing comfortably (otherwise expect frustration) - usually between 1.5 - 3 inches is sufficient.

4.  When you are about finished stuffing and about to sew the closing shut, push the stuffing away from the opening.  When the opening is sewn shut you can smoosh around the stuffing and redistribute what you pushed away from the opening.

5.  When stuffing the appendages (arms, ears, antennas, feet, legs, etc.) of your "friend," you don't want them to flop around where they connect to a bigger piece.  Instead you want them to be stiff where they connect to the other piece. It is important that the piece of stuffing that you get to stuff the appendage is enough to stuff the appendage and then overflow into the main piece.  The stuffing that comes out into the main piece will help stabilize the appendage so that it doesn't flop around when the "friend" is finished.

6.  Similar to tip 5, it is important to stuff the neck quite stiff so that the head doesn't flop around. 

7.  Use a good quality stuffing.  I like Silky Soft by Fiberfill.  I get it from Joann Fabrics and always use a coupon.  If you don't have a Joann's coupon print a Michael's or other craft store coupon off the internet. Joann's will accept competitor coupons.

My secret weapon:
A small, round paint brush with stiff bristles - the best ones are the toll paint brushes because the bristles are quite stiff. If the bristles are too long cut them to about 3-4 mm long and smoosh them into something hard so that the flare out.  You will be amazed at how well this works.