Monday, January 17, 2011

So...Who's Freddie?

I am one of those people with a million nicknames.  Ing, Ingie, Inga, Schwing, Ming the Merciless, Slingblade, and the list goes on (some are too embarressing to say - just ask my sister, Liesl).  It seems like everyone I know has a different name to call me other than Ingrid.  I am also one of those people that love to shorten people's names or put a y at the end.  I just think that the way you call someone says how familiar you are with them and shows a sort of comradaree with them - does that make sense?

Well, one of my nicknames that my Dad uses is Fred - actually any form of Fred - Freddie, Fredlets, Ingafred, etc.  I decided that it was a good name to use for my pattern company.  I have always loved stuffed animals and friends.  I decided to name each of my designs after someone that is close to me.  I will do blog posts on each one of my little friends so that you can know who they are named after. 

I am working on a new fun pattern.  I am so excited because it is so cute and I just love this new little friend.  I hope you will love it too! 

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  1. Hello, could you please drop me an email? i am interested in stocking your super cute patterns!

    Lisa :)