Friday, November 5, 2010

Freddies Friends

Hello, Hello big world.  It is 6:20 in the morning and I've been up since 3:30.  I don't know why, but I have so much on my mind.  I am so excited for this blog and to get started on my new business.  A little background...

I am a new sewing pattern designer.  I am not a great seamstress but I love to be creative.  I love to sew.  I love to see the smile on my sons face when I make him a new little friend.  My son is actually the one that got me started down this road that I have been traveling for about 2 years.  He wanted me to make him a dragon out of paper, but I thought that was too boring.  I decided to sew him one out of fabric.  I enjoyed every minute of the design process and I haven't been able to stop.  My designs have evolved from one idea to another.  Finally, I have three official patterns - a butterfly, an owl and a robot.  The orginal dragon will hopefully come along shortly.   I adore each and every one of patterns and hope that they will be something that others will love too.  I will post pictures of them soon...

I am about to open an etsy shop to sell my patterns and I am also sending them to different pattern distributors to sell them wholesale (to fabric stores).  Soon there will be a link on my blog to go to my etsy shop.  I am seriously debating whether or not I want to sew and sell the finished product to those that don't sew.  I will keep you updated on that - if you have an opinion on that please let me know.

I think I will go lay back down and see if I can get some more sleep.

Bye Bye

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